#66 Nov/Dec 2003
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Ducky Detritus
Rubber duck flotilla will likely be lamely floating ashore upside-down

The History and Development of Rubber Ducks

Rubber Duck Essay Contest Rules

Abysmal Amtrak Rail Security
by Joel Hanson

Bush-Pushed Tax Cuts
Just more jabs, or the death of democracy?
by Rodger Herbst

I wouldn't mind...
Ironic grammar exercise by Styx Mundstock

Our Media, Ourselves
Another perspective on why mainstream news reporting is so darn rotten
opinion by Doug Collins

Who Killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? (part 1)
interview of King family attorney William F. Pepper
by Joe Martin


China 'At War' with Advancing Deserts
by Lester R. Brown

Killing with Kindness
Removing a Lawn Without Herbicides
by Philip Dickey


It's the Economics Model, Stupid

George W. News Brief
forwarded from Scentposts

WTO ShutDown in Mexico
firsthand account by Peter Rosset


Free the white tigers
Animals Are Not Actors
from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)


Albertsons Agrees To Provide Birth-Control Coverage
from Planned Parenthood of Western Washington

Do You Really Want 'Growth' in Your Town?
by Renee Kjartan


Time To Act
Overworked Americans
by Paul Rogat Loeb


WA Police Need Warrant for GPS Surveillance
from ACLU of WA

Lesbian/Gay Employment Rights Victory
Illegally fired hospital worker receives settlement
from ACLU of WA

The Crime of Being Poor, part 2
by Paul Wright, editor, Prison Legal News


Fluoride Quiz
from Emily Kalweit

CA Dental Board Strengthens Policy on Mercury Toxicity
from Dr. Paul Rubin

Herd Immunity or Herd Stupidity?
Vaccination Decisions - part 2
by Doug Collins

Sweet Stuff
by Doug Collins


Tom Delay Ambushes Texas--And America
by Steven Hill and Rob Richie

Slogans for Bush/Cheney Re-election Campaign

photoessay by Kristianna Baird


Uncle Sam's Marijuana
book notice by Christopher Largen

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