#62 March/April 2003
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Silent Blue Angels
essay by Signe Drake

Spy Agency Busts Union
Federal employees no longer entitled to union representation
by Brian Frielb

What's the Hangup with Solar Energy?
Rapid conversion is possible in Washington
opinion by Martin Nix

The Rubber Ducky Dilemma
Keep Ernie happy: explain the Defective Ducky Dilemma and win a free subscription
by Doug Collins

American Newspeak
word collisions by Wayne Grytting

Answers to last issue's 'Great American Newspeak Quiz'
by Wayne Grytting

Bayer, Monsanto Poison Norway
from CBG network

Poisoning Ourselves
Toxic waste in fertilizer
by Rodger Herbst

Urban Runoff Killing Washington Salmon
by J.R. Pegg, ENS

Population, Grain, Windmills...
Twelve Ways to Tell if the Earth is Healthy
by Earth Policy Institute

The Shell Game
Environmental Laws of Mass Destruction
opinion by Rodger Herbst

Fuel-Cell Cars to Arrive Soon
by Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts, Earth Policy Institute

Russian Big Oil Redraws Pipe Dream
by Rory Cox

Hepatitis B: Rare, and Not Very Contagious
by Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president, National Vaccine Information Center

'Iraq was not responsible for 9/11'
excerpts from a speech by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)

WA Peace Team visits Baghdad
by Gary Engbrecht

Waiting for the Missiles
Prospect of US Bombs Terrorizes Iraqis
by Norman Solomon

A Louder Call to Action
In Shifting Sands: The Truth About UNSCOM and the Disarming of Iraq
Directed by Scott Ritter
film review by Bob Hicks

'Democracy U' Video Series Available

Members First
Service Employees union local has its first contested election in anyone's memory
opinion by Brian King


Mexico Controversy Dominates Costco Meeting
from Community Alliance for Global Justice

Pasco Ordinance Bars Services for Low-Income Community
from Washington ACLU

Public NEEDS Sensible Hepatitis B Vaccine Policies
opinion by Doug Collins

Seattle Poster Ban Still Not Clear

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