#54 November/December 2001
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Exploit the Terrorists’ Weakest Link: Islam
opinion by Kent Chadwick, the free press

Noam Chomsky on the Twin Tower Attacks
Transcript of interview on Radio B92, Belgrade

Green Party Criticizes Bombing

High Commissioner Calls for Halt to Bombing

ACLU Eyes Increased Domestic Surveillance

Weavers singer Ronnie Gilbert asks: McCarthyism Again?

Critics Speak Out Against War
A sampling of national and international opinions
by Even Woodward, contributor

No-War Fever
opinion by Ruth Wilson, the Free Press

The Real Vulnerability of the US: Fear of Deep Relationships
opinion by Doug Collins, The Free Press

Scholars Speak Out Against War

Seattle Coalition Calls for International Solution to Crisis

War on Drugs Redux
by Mike Seely, contributor

Alternative Media for Understanding the Disaster

Did Bayer Prevent Generic Version of Anti-Anthrax Drug Cipro?

Euro Scientists: End Cancer-Causing Cosmetics

Widening I-405 Won’t Ease Traffic Problems
by Renee Kjartan, the Free Press

Labor History Project Launched on Web

Major Media Suppress Recount Study of Florida Vote
By Barry Grey, World Socialist/25 September 2001

Conservation Agriculture: “Next Green Revolution”

Official English: Beating a Dead Horse?
Opinion by Domenico Maceri, contributor

Particulates Can Cause Heart Attacks
By Cat Lazaroff

Why We are Suing the US Navy
by Glen Milner

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