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Mar/Apr 2001 issue (#50)

Nature Doc


'60s Dream Lives On

Party Troopers

Suit Filed Against George W. Bush

"Friends in High Places"

Baby Bush Bombs Baghdad

Don't Put the Utilities Back in Charge

Biblically-Grounded Movements For Progressive Change In Washington

How to Run for City Council

Mad Cow: Coming to the U.S.?

Monoculture and Mad Cows

Itching to Ride Light Rail

Is Work Killing You?

Escaping the Globalized Gym

Seattle's Clattering Poets

A Puppetista Manifesto

Living Outside Empire

Don't Put the Utilities Back in Charge

ACORN's Falling

Social Transformation Explained? Technogod

Spokane Free-speech Battle


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Urban Work

Media Beat

Nature Doc

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Do Something!

Reel Underground

Cancer Cures

part 2 of 2


There are several essential books on holistic treatment of cancer. Anyone with cancer or with loved ones with cancer should read these. In part one of this series, we noted that one in three people in the USA will develop cancer in their lifetime, which will soon become one in two. If you do not have cancer or know someone who does, prepare yourself. The biggest problem with a cancer diagnosis is fear. Being prepared dramatically reduces the level of fear. Some of these books are still in print, but all are available through inter-library loan.

Cancer Therapy: The Results of Fifty Cases by Max Gerson, MD focuses on his dietary cure. Cancer: A New Breakthrough, and The Conquest of Cancer, are both by Virginia Livingston, MD. Her clinic in California treats people with cancer by making a treatment using the patientís tumor. A British physician and surgeon wrote The Topic of Cancer, a valuable and truly remarkable work. One Answer to Cancer by William Kelley, DDS, discusses the use of high doses of pancreatic enzymes, first proven as a cancer cure by John Beard, MD a few years before Madame Curie started the use of x-radiation as a therapy. Once the hospitals invested millions of dollars in expensive equipment, Beardís inexpensive cure had to be abandoned to make the hospitals profitable. Metabolic Ecology: A Way to Win the Cancer War by Fred Rohe is an update of Dr. Kelleyís book.

In dealing with cancer, it is helpful to have the guidance of a physician or other person who knows holistic treatments in order to see the big picture and keep the treatment on track. It is possible to train your physician if she is willing to study these texts.

Some states, including Washington and California, make it illegal for non MDís to treat cancer. The good news is most practitioners seek to create balance in the body. They treat individual people, not the cancer. Tumors are merely a result of an imbalanced condition in the body. When the imbalance is balanced out, the tumor is no longer needed by the body, and it disappears. Unfortunately much of orthodox conventional allopathic medicine damages the body more and makes the body more imbalanced. That is why most people undergoing conventional treatment for advanced cancers have miserable deaths. By the time a person has developed advanced cancer, their body is already in a weakened state. Conventional treatment weakens it further. Holistic practitioners may still have a chance at creating balance, but it becomes increasingly difficult. Maintaining hope and the desire to live can allow a sick person to overcome tremendous odds.u

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