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Mar/Apr 2001 issue (#50)


'60s Dream Lives On

Party Troopers

Suit Filed Against George W. Bush

"Friends in High Places"

Baby Bush Bombs Baghdad

Don't Put the Utilities Back in Charge

Biblically-Grounded Movements For Progressive Change In Washington

How to Run for City Council

Mad Cow: Coming to the U.S.?

Monoculture and Mad Cows

Itching to Ride Light Rail

Is Work Killing You?

Escaping the Globalized Gym

Seattle's Clattering Poets

A Puppetista Manifesto

Living Outside Empire

Don't Put the Utilities Back in Charge

ACORN's Falling

Social Transformation Explained? Technogod

Spokane Free-speech Battle


Reader Mail


Urban Work

Media Beat

Nature Doc

Rad Videos

Do Something!

Reel Underground


Get active, not radioactive!

Use this Do Something! directory to decide how you'd like to make the world a better place. If you're already in a group that is interested in being listed on this page, call [WAfreepress@gmail.com] and leave a message or email WAfreepress@gmail.com.


Friends of the Earth-NW Office

4512 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98105

FOE is a national environmental organization. The Northwest office in Seattle covers Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. FOE is working on projects such as the removal of two dams on the Elwha River on the Olympic Peninsula and the environmental impacts of Pacific Rim trade. The Earth needs more friends. Celebrate Earth Day year-round with a membership in Friends of the Earth.

Pacific Crest Biodiversity Project

4649 Sunnyside Ave. N., #321, Seattle WA 98103
206-545-3734; fax 206-545-4498

Our mission is to protect and restore the ecological integrity off forests in Cascadia. We are an activist organization engaged in a major campaign to preserve the remaining ancient forests in the Northwest. We seek paid door-to-door canvassers plus volunteers to help with tabling at events, trailhead outreach, field events, forest monitoring and, on occasion, non-violent direct action.

Washington Toxics Coalition

4649 Sunnyside Ave N #540-E, Seattle WA 98103; 206-632-1545

The Washington Toxics Coalition is a nonprofit environmental group working to prevent pollution by promoting alternatives to toxic chemicals. Project areas include industrial toxics, household toxics, pesticide reform, ground water protection, and information services. Contact the Toxics Coalition for information on alternatives to toxic chemicals or if you would like to get more involved.

Politics & Reform

Citizens for Overt Action

PO Box 95482, Seattle WA 98145; 206-547-7735

COA educates and activates the Seattle community about the threats covert action and secrecy pose to democracy at home and abroad. We sponsor public events, publish newsletters, and loan books and audio or video tapes–including the International Resource Center’s tapes on covert action, Central America, and the Mideast. Meets first Tuesday each month, 7pm, 4759 15th Ave NE.

National Lawyer's Guild-Seattle

115 Prefontaine, Seattle 98104, 206-989-2673

Representing activists, fighting the state, changing the world. The NLG works for human rights, not property rights. Locally, we're providing legal assistance to street people, defending the Tenant's Union against a lawsuit, suing Seattle over the new anti-sitting law, representing United Farmworker activists and “Jungle” defendants against criminal charges, and more. Call or write us to join or help.

Washington Ceasefire

PO Box 20246, Seattle WA 98102
206-322-7564; fax 206-324-7885; WashCease@aol.com

An average of 15 American children a day are killed in firearms homicides, suicides, and accidents. Gunshot treatment costs at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle tripled from $1 million in 1986 to $3 million in 1992. Join Washington Ceasefire and learn ways you can stop the violence! We are a statewide non-profit working to end gun violence through organizing, legislation, and education. Give us a call to learn more about our efforts.


Friends of Gas Works Park (FoGWP)

PO Box 45843, Seattle WA 98145
206-325-8410; fax 206-325-8722

Seattle’s Gas Works Park contains the world’s only remnants of an active gas plant. FoGWP is working to establish an Interpretive Center emphasizing the history of the plant. Another project is to install a state-of-the-art Camera Obscura in the park’s Generator Tower. Industry, society, history, and environment are indelibly linked issues being addressed at the park. FoGWP invites you as a volunteer or member.

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