#50 March/April 2001
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issue cover

Seattle's Clattering Poets
The Typing Explosion invents a new kind of performance art
by Sean Carman

A Puppetista Manifesto
Itinerant garbage theatre for cultural insurrection
from Agitpop free email newsletter

Living Outside Empire
The subversive power of the Bible
by Wes Howard-Brook, contributor

Don't Put the Utilities Back in Charge
by David Bacon

ACORN's Falling
Progressive group's manager brings in scab labor
opinion by ACORN striking workers

Social Transformation Explained?
book review by Paul Lehto

poem by Karl Scheer

Spokane Free-speech Battle
by Ron Myers, contributor


'60s Dream Lives On
Real estate agent funds good causes
by Renee Kjartan

Party Troopers
Can you cancel a holiday?
opinion by Doug Collins

Suit Filed Against George W. Bush
press release

"Friends in High Places"
The militarization of SEAFAIR
by Glen Milner

Baby Bush Bombs Baghdad
opinion by Ruth Wilson

Don't Put the Utilities Back in Charge
opinion by David Bacon, contributor

Biblically-Grounded Movements For Progressive Change In Washington

How to Run for City Council
by Joel Hanson

Mad Cow: Coming to the U.S.?
by Ronnie Cummins

Monoculture and Mad Cows
Global Ag Giants Invade India
book review by Renee Kjartan

Itching to Ride Light Rail
A phased approach would make it easier on public pocketbooks
opinion by Martin Nix

Is Work Killing You?
Congress might repeal worker protection for Repetitive Strain Injury
by Jill Anne Gambaro, Free Press contributor

Escaping the Globalized Gym
by Glenn Reed, contributor


Reader Mail

"Facts Minus Attitude"


News about the environment
by Renee Kjartan and Environment News Service

Urban Work

Urban Work
by Ross Rieder

Media Beat

Politics as Performance Art
And journalism as drama review
by Norman Solomon

Nature Doc

Cancer Cures (2 of 2)
Medical Opinion by John F. Ruhland, N.D.

Rad Videos

Part 10: Censorship and Lack of Freedom of the Press
by John Ruhland

Do Something! Directory

Get active, not radioactive!

Reel Underground

Don't Drink and Drip
by Jon Reinsch

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