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Issue Number 7 Dec '93 - Jan '94

A Free Press Special Report:

America On a Hair Trigger:
The Case for Gun Control

Now that politicians are finally mustering the bravery to stand up to the National Rifle Association, all eyes are turning to Olympia, where lawmakers have their sights set on passing the state's first meaningful gun control in more than a decade.
Our coverage begins with First Word and continues in the articles below. We hope that this package will add depth to an historically demagogic debate.

cover art by Jenny Schmid
photo this page by Brian Benson

The First Word
What's So 'American' About Killing Each Other?
by Mark Worth

Can't Control People? Try Controlling Guns
by Mark Worth

Who We Are and How We Die
by Eric Nelson

Teaching a World Without Guns
by Andrea Helm

'Second Amendment' Arguments: Bankrupt and Just Plain Wrong
by Doug Collins and Eric Nelson

Q&A: Alan Gottlieb
Of the Second Amendment Foundation
interview by Mike Blain

The NRA: Loading up the Campaign Coffers
Here are some of the National Rifle Association's favorite targets for campaign contributions in the Washington State Legislature.

Wilder Than the Wild West
by Doug Collins

Gun Advocates: What They're Saying
Quotes you should hear.

Gun Control: What's In, What's Out
Here's a sampling of what gun-control measures have made it on the books over the past decade or so, and some of those that were proposed but didn't make it.

Fun Gun Facts
Statistics you cannot ignore.

Get Involved
Want to work for stronger gun control? Or help stop violence in your community? Or, if you own a gun, how to use it safely? Here are a fews of the many organizations and agencies that can help you get started.

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What You Think of Us


Mail Actual letters from actual readers.

Be Our Guest Guest columnists tell it like it is.

Free Thoughts Opinions we couldn't keep to ourselves.

Follow File Updates of past WFP stories.

Investigative Digest A sampling of groundbreaking news stories.

Working Of and relating to labor.

reported and compiled by Doug Collins.

Spike, the Rabid Media Watchdog The poop on the local information industry.

reported and compiled by Mark Worth and FP Staff.

EnviroWatch How humans treat their surroundings, each other, themselves.

Northwest Books Regional writers in review.

literary review by Kent Chadwick.

Reel Underground Your guide to experimental film.

Hearing Aids

music reviews compiled by Marshall Gooch.

Free Facts The Northwest in numbers.

Quotes of the Month Things people said.

On Latex Condoms in review.


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