#65 September/October 2003
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Case Against Computerized Voting Broadens
"Software flaws stunning" says researcher
by Rodger Herbst

Ethics Commission Muffles Socialist Voice
by Linda Averill, candidate for Seattle City Council

Angel Bolanos for Seattle City Council
from Bolanos Campaign

No! To Another Status Quo Spokane Mayor
by Rob Wilkinson

Fixing California's Recall
by Robert Richie and Steven Hill

Black Box Voting

We're Number One
So Let's Teach 'em a Lesson
by Doug Collins

California Gives Workers Paid Family Leave Program
Similar legislation mandating five weeks paid leave for Washington workers has overwhelming public support
by Jamie Newman

Who's Being Selfish?
book review by B.C. Brown

The Crime of Being Poor
part one
by Paul Wright, editor, Prison Legal News

Cutting-edge political analysis
More George W. Jokes

Does the USA Intend to Dominate the World?
Excerpted transcript from a recent Andy Clark interview with Noam Chomsky for the Amsterdam Forum, a Radio Netherlands interactive discussion program

The Free Range Myth
Manufacturing Consumer Consent
by Eileen Weintraub

Fun Land Mine Facts
Better not take a stroll around Basra

Jinxy Blazer's Rainy Day Reading List

Officer Unfriendly
Unprovoked police attack on protestors sends message that violence is OK
personal account by John M. Bucher, MD

UPI Investigation Finds Cozy Industry/Government Vaccine Practices

Vaccination Decisions
Part one: Is it possible to assess vaccine safety?
by Doug Collins

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