#69 May/June 2004
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No beer with Bush, etc.

Instant Runoff Voting Initiative, Labor victory at Powell's, etc
compiled by Paul Schafer


Opening Our Electoral Process
by John B. Anderson

Fair Presidential Election: How?
Washington, like Florida, to be a "battleground state"
by Steven Hill and Rob Richie

White House Engaged in Misinformation Campaign
from the ACLU

The Anti-Empire Report #9
The Israeli lobby, Guinea Pigs Fighting for Freedom, etc.
by William Blum


Media Beat
How the Newshour Changed History, The Quest for a Monopoly on Violence
by Norman Solomon


Grant County's Shameful Public Defense System
from the ACLU of Washington

Legal News
from the ACLU of Washington


Questioning Vaccines in the Hospital
Vaccination Decisions--part 4:
opinion by Doug Collins

Pierce County Dentist Speaks Out Against Fluoridation
opinion by Dr. Debra Hopkins

Researchers Caution: Avoid Feeding Babies Fluoridated Water
from New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation

Water Protection Petition


Toward A Toxic-Free Future:

EPA Using Industry Insiders to Forge Pesticide Policy
Conservation groups file lawsuit to stop it
by Erika Schreder, WTC

State Amends Incinerator Rule
But the dirty, obsolete practice of Incineration continues
by Brandie Smith, WTC

Hanford Initiative Likely on November Ballot
by Gregg Small, WTC

Calculating Disaster: Accidents at Puget Sound's Trident installation cast doubt on Navy and Lockheed safety claims
by Glen Milner

The Big Drip: Glacier National Park's Glaciers disappearing
summary by Paul Schafer


Health Care: A Right, Not A Commodity
opinion by Brian King

Protest Against Medical Redefinition Of "Woman"
March Against Unwarranted, Unconsented, Unwanted Operations
from Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services (HERS)

The Death of Humanism
opinion by John Merriam


QUOTE: Generation Gap
from Jean Liedloff's The Continuum Concept

The Fact is...
by Styx Mundstock

Candy Island Invades the Vegetable Kingdom
cartoon and text by Leonard Rifas

What's your library doing on September 11?
by Rodger Herbst

The Consequences of Ads
by Doug Collins

BOOKS: Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America's Prisons
by Alan Elsner

Europe Leaves the US Behind:
The key to national prosperity is "Fulcrum Institutions"?
by Steven Hill

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