Issue Number 34 July/August 1998

Cover collage by Seymour Caprice


Media Monsters

Our Hundred Years War

Rise and Fall of John Mattox

Sabotage or Free Speech?


Elite Preoccupations...

Holistic Health Doc Loses License

Get Off Their Backs!

Massive Glean-Fest


First Word Ideas that cut through the BS.

Seattle construction unearths Duwamish Ancestors.

Free Thoughts Opinions we couldn't keep to ourselves.

Poignant brainwaves from Mother Earth Nature and d. baranov.

Reader Mail Actual letters from actual readers.

EnviroWatch How humans treat their surroundings, each other, themselves.

Working Of and relating to labor.

reported and compiled by Alison Thorne and Doug Collins.

Hearing Aids Music as Adventure.
by Wally Shoup.

Reel Underground Your guide to experimental film.

Jewish Film Festival reviews and calendar by Paul D. Goetz




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