Issue Number 20 February/March 1996

Cover Photo by P. Kylen-Mitchell

Unhappy Landings

Good Health Takes Flight in Airport Communities

Environmental Justice

Tribal Tribulations

Farm Workers Build on Victory, Look to Future


The War for the Words

Phone Sex Follies

Roll Over, Lao Tzu!


First Word Ideas that cut through the BS.

Mail Actual letters from actual readers.

Free Thoughts Opinions we couldn't keep to ourselves.

EnviroWatch How humans treat their surroundings, each other, themselves.

Working Of and relating to labor.

reported and compiled by Doug Collins.

Spike, the Rabid Media Watchdog The poop on the local information industry.

reported and compiled by Mark Worth.

WFP Cultural Calendar [NEW!] Things you should see and do.

Northwest Books Regional writers in review.

literary reviews by Kent Chadwick and Andy Bauck

Reel Underground Your guide to experimental film.

film reviews and calendar by Paul D. Goetz.

Free Facts The Northwest by the numbers: Canadian logging special.

Contacts [NEW!] The important names and addresses that accompany this issue's feature stories.




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