Issue Number 14 February/March 1995


A Little In, A Lot Out

Temp Nation

Hanford's Budgetary Meltdown

Some Straight Poop On the Light Rail Initiative

Politics and the Media


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Electoral Reformers Seek City Council Shake Up


The First Word Ideas that cut through the bullshit

by Mike Blain

EnviroWatch How humans treat their surroundings, each other, themselves.

Working Of and relating to labor.

reported and compiled by Doug Collins.

Spike, the Rabid Media Watchdog The poop on the local information industry.

reported and compiled by Matt Robesch and Mark Gardner.
plus: KCMU 90.3 Mind Over Matters Schedule for February

Hearing Aids

music reviews by Lance Davis.

Northwest Books Regional writers in review.

literary reviews by Kent Chadwick and Jeff Jacobson

Reel Underground Your guide to experimental film.

film reviews and calendar by Paul D. Goetz.

This Week's Astrological Forecast




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