#81 May/June 2006
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Misguided Medication
Federally sponsored research now indicates it's dangerous to many people, but fluoridation still gets the nod from WA officials
by Doug Collins
see related articles in HEALTH section

Drug-free zones fail to protect youth, worsen racial disparity
Key failures of drug-free zones

Movement to change ineffective laws finds growing support in WA and other states
two articles from the Justice Policy Institute
cartoon by John Jonik "War on Pot"

Vote-By-Mail: Expensive & Easier to Manipulate
opinion by Richard Borkowski
see related article in ELECTIONS section


Next stop, bus improvements; Bush on way out
cartoon by Tristan Hobson "State of Denial"
cartoon by David Logan "Republican Balloon"

Searching for Common Ground
by Todd Huffman, MD


Voter's Absentee Ballots Not Counted--Twice in Two Months!
by Doug Collins

Court Strikes Down WA Ex-con Poll Tax
from the ACLU of WA
cartoon by David Logan "Give me your tired..."


contact list of subscribers who like to talk with you

Northwest activist events


Spying in Seattle
Surveillance and retaliation for the U.S. Navy
by Glen Milner

Questions in Iraq
opinion by Joseph Sonntag

Bush Seeks Funds for Laser Space Weapon
from Global Network


National Academy of Sciences: Fluoridation Can Be Unhealthy
No Milligrams are Good Milligrams

Oregon newspaper helps expose the risks
two articles by Robert Carton, PhD
cartoon by John Jonik "Parasito Insurance"

Fluoridation and Cancer
It's been known for a long time
from NY State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation

Toxic Flame Retardants Still Unregulated in WA
from WA Toxics Coalition


Wanna Faster Bus Ride?
Driver champions transit change
by Andrew Jeromsky

More Causes of Slow Busses
by Doug Collins

WA Bike Laws: They may be different from what you think


UW Plagued by Biosafety Problems
from Labwatch Seattle

TRASH TALK by Dave & Lillian Brummet
Growing Green Kids
Extend the Life of Books & Magazines


short story by Vincent Spada

"When Not in Victory"
"The Patient"

two poems by Raymond Cavanaugh

About Family:
"Uncle Teddy Pekrul"
"Family Portrait 1920"
"We Three"

three poems by Robert Pavlik


MEDIA BEAT by Norman Solomon
The Lobby and the Bulldozer: Mearsheimer, Walt, and Corrie

BOOK NOTICE: "What Democracy Looks Like"
New book argues that 1999 Seattle WTO protests were a cultural turning point
from the publisher

The Puzzle of Jack Abramoff and Quid Pro Quo
The basic problem with US politics is that it's a pyramid scheme
by Steven Hill

two poems by Raymond Cavanaugh

They heard a speech and cheered.

Then with guns cleaned and loaded,

They all marched off to a place

Where false promises exploded.

Now the birds have gone, and in

Their wake, those without a breath -

Empty cages of their hollowed

Skulls locked in eternal death.

But fond History keeps score

Of all these glorious games!

Where flags tossed in the wind

That whispered for more names.

Cowards, like heroes, must one

Day meet Fate's mortal call. But

Heroes get their names on a wall.

Nestled in the corner

Just her right profile in view

She darts a nervous eye

To survey the office

The beauty of that profile

Runs ghostlike through the room

But when her turn is called

The other side is shown

A scar ripping 'cross her cheek

She skirts right past the desk

I bite my lip, confounded,

Awaiting her return

When she leaves the meeting

The moment comes at last

Looking up with caution

Across her face I see mankind

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