#64 July/August 2003
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A Fortress of Bureaucracy
How Tom Ridge's Department of Homeland Security plans to make us safe
by Briana Olson

Free Press Wins Project Censored Recognition

Your Smile Creaks
poetry by Kelly Russell

Rubber Ducky Contest Winner

High Schools Must Give Equal Rights to Gay-Straight Clubs
from ACLU of Washington

Spokane Restricts Free Speech
from ACLU of Washington

Mark Twain: "I Am an Anti-Imperialist"
by Norman Solomon

My New Phase
by Howard Pellett

War, Inc.
The profits of mass destruction
by John Glansbeek & Andrea Bauer

Peace is Not Relative
quotes from Albert Einstein compiled by Imaginal Diffusion

Myths We Have Been Taught
list of falsehoods by Styx Mundstock

Recycling the Phantasmagoria
by Joe Follansbee

SARS Scam?
Suspicions surface over the origin of the virus and the manipulation of its media image
by Rodger Herbst

Seattle P-I Skips the Facts on Flouride
by Emily Kalweit

Bayer Moves to Block Families' Legal Action
from the Coalition Against Bayer Dangers

Toward a Toxic-Free Future
by Washington Toxics Coalition staff

The Un-Ad
by Kristianna Baird

California: 'Not Simply Real Estate'
book review by Robert Pavlik

Your Vote Belongs to a Private Corporation
by Thom Hartmann

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