#61 January/February 2003
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9/11: "The Opportunity of Ages"
Lack of 9/11 investigation fuels war against the world
by Rodger Herbst

The AFL-CIO and Universal Health Care
Former union official urges Sweeney to press for single payer system
by Jerry Gordon

Do More Vaccines Mean More Chronic Disease?
excerpted from "Shots in the Dark"
by Barbara Loe Fisher, National Vaccine Information Center

Conflicts of Interest
Profit motive can affect mass vaccine policies
by Doug Collins

Vaccine Studies We'd Like to See

Washington: A Pro-Choice State - For Now
by Doug Collins

Environmental Justice Needed in South Park
by Dave Zink, contributor

Scooping 'em in Washington
The Free Press Got There First
by Doug Collins

Government Attacks Independent Media in Seattle, Bay Area
by Renee Kjartan

The Great American Newspeak Quiz
by Wayne Grytting

Haphazard Health
Finding before-and-after studies on vaccine effects is like finding ahypodermic in a haystack
by Harold Buttram, MD, & Woodlands Healing Research Center

Iraq Under Siege
The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War
book notice from South End Press

More Bayer Dangers
by Doug Collins

Nutritionists: Fix the Food Pyramid
by Renee Kjartan

Refuge from Terror?
9/11 has grounded our refugee policy
by Briana Olson

Terror, America, and Chomsky
by Rodger Herbst

Toward a Toxic-Free Future
Getting Pesticides out of our Parks and Cities
by Angela Storey, Washington Toxics Coalition

"Unilateral" By Any Other Name Smells the Same
US pressures UN to get its way on Iraq
by Norman Solomon

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