#55 January/February 2002
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3,500 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan by US Bombs
Study finds that international news media havereported plenty about innocent civilian deaths, but American newsmedia have been comparatively silent
from press release

Bombing Red Cross in Afghanistan No ‘Mistake’
Opinion by Professor Michael Foley, contributor

Evergreen State College Staff Opposes War

I Was Almost John Walker
By Glenn Sacks, contributor

Attention 1999 WTO Protestors

Public Transport Ridership On Rise

I Walk Across
fiction by Phil Kochik, contributor

World Mobility Study Warns of Gridlock, Pollution, Global Warming

Fight Bugs with Bats

Leaf Litter: Nature’s Jewel

Activists Say Dow Weedkiller Is Harmful

Enviro, Population Movements Merge Goals for Healthier Planet
opinion by Renee Kjartan, Free Press

Has Bush Planned Coup in Venezuela?

Congressional Flag Waving and Corporate Tax Cutting
by Wayne Grytting, contributor

Crusade For 'Decency' In Montana

Bayer: Not Just Aspirin
opinion by Coalition against Bayer-Dangers, Kavaljit Singh, and Philipp Mimkes

Flouridation: Toxic and Ineffective
It’s in much of our state’s drinking water. Health and enviro groups are increasingly opposing it.
opinion by Emily Kalweit, contributor

Water Pollution Leads To Mixed-Sex Fish

Getting Corporations Out of Washington Schools
by Glenn Reed, contributor

Avalanche of School Testing is a Bonanza for Corporate Publishers
By David Bacon, contributor

Health by Numbers

My load is heavy...

Progressives Blast 'Pork Legislation'

There IS Something Wrong with Your Television Set
Resisting the video war
narrative by Glenn Reed

Today They Killed A Tree
poetry by Christine Johnson

Two New Books From Seven Stories Press

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