#52 July/August 2001
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Dopey Decision
Supreme Court overrules medical and public opinion
by Sean Carter, contributor

Feds Kill Buffalo, Terrorize Bald Eagles
opinion by Buffalo Folks, contributors

Gandhista Holds City of Seattle Accountable
Injury lawsuit makes progress in wake of WTO crackdown
personal account by Swaneagle Harijan

Gene Giants Get Nasty
Flaws in genetic engineering are exposed
opinion by Ronnie Cummins, contributor

Women Demonstrate Against Dow
An ounce of prevention beats a pound of dioxin

Protest Frankentrees in Portland
by the GE-Tree Conference

Immigrants: ‘Them’ Is ‘Us’
opinion by Domenico Maceri, contributor

Unions, Immigrants Need Each Other
story and photos by David Bacon, contributor

Water Treatment
Sanctions deny even water to Iraqi citizens, but US peace workers pitch in
story and photos by Vickie Goodwin, contributor

Bombings Continue, and Public Health Conditions are Set to Worsen in Iraq
opinion by Ruth Wilson

Weapons Expert Blasts Bush's Missile 'Defense'
by Bob Hicks, contributor

Kent and Jackson, 1970
The real heroes were soldiers who organized against the war
opinion by Mike Alewitz, contributor

Changing the World, One Cup at a Time
by Nina Luttinger and Jeremy Simer, TransFair USA

'Shame Ads' Shame Shuttle Express Instead
Should a company replace your best friends?
opinion by Doug Collins

A Call to Arms
Non-consumers are a threat to the Corporate States of America
by Glenn Reed

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