#43 Jan-Feb 2000
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Test-tube Foods
Chemical giants' inventions threaten health and biodiversity
Renee Kjartan

Green Genes
Genetic engineering has fine public health potential; fix the profit-driven patent system instead
By Christina Barry

Genetic Bullets
Ethnically specific bioweapons -- the ultimate in genocide -- are a practical possibility which should not be ignored
By R. Roy Blake


Campaign Money Madness
Contributions and expenditures skyrocket in local campaigns, but Lenora Jones only spends 11 cents per vote.
By Doug Collins

The Computerization of Contemporary Society
A few peoples thoughts on the information age
quotes compiled by Bruce Clifton

The Free Press Looks at Computers
Computer comics!

1, 2, 3, 4, What Were They Fighting For?
Book Review:
Honor Bound: American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia 1961 -- 1973

by Lisa Cigliana

The Remaining WTO Question: What's Next?
A look at the post-WTO progressive movement
by Dick Burton

Skewed View of the WTO
The AP: misleading from the start
by Jared Israel

Suite Crime, not Street Crime
A few picks from the Multinational Monitor's list of the top 100 corporate criminals of the 1990s
Russell Mokhiber

Here's an Oxymoron: Food Security
Food as a basic human right is threatened by WTO policy
By Sean McGillis


First Word

Organizing for a New Millennium
by Mark Gardner

Free Thoughts

Snow Predicted in Washington DC
by Mike Seely

Reader Mail

Even got a water refill from the Nordstrom's bathroom...


Toxic Hospitals, Toxic Lawns
by Renee Kjartan

Working Around

Labor Party Hearty
by Doug Collins

Media Beat

What Happened to the "Information Superhighway"?
by Norman Solomon

Reel Underground

Women and Roulette Tables
by Jon Reinsch

Spike Bites

Money Talks

Rad Videos

Part 6 (continued)
by John Ruhland

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