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Issue Number 8 February/March 1994

A Free Press Investigation:

"It's All In Your Head"

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Boeing workers say they've been sickened by the chemicals used at Boeing plants throughout Puget Sound. But instead of giving these workers the medical and financial help they need, Boeing- with the help of its connections within state government and the medical establishment- is saying many workers just have psychological problems. We'll tell you how Boeing has been getting away with this, and why it should stop.
cover photo of Faye Schrum by Neal Herbert

Boeing to Ill Workers: "It's All In Your Head"

by Eric Nelson and Mark Worth
photos by Neal Herbert
research assistance by Andrea Helm
Suicide Solution - One Woman's Way Out
by Mark Worth
Disunity Among the Machinists
by Mark Worth
The MCS Debate: A Medical Streetfight
by Eric Nelson
Disorder in the Court
On Top of Everything Else, Sick Boeing Workers Face Judicial Hurdles.
by Eric Nelson

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'Zamboni John' Put On Ice

Interview: Paul Dorpat


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by Mark Gardner

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