#60 November/December 2002
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Vaccines: Think Again
Mass immunizations have helped stem infectious diseases, but can also result in serious side effects, chronic illness, and death
by Harold Buttram, M.D., & Woodlands Healing Research Center, Quakertown PA

Sweden and France quit vaccines with no regrets
by Doug Collins

What percent of the world's population was vaccinated during the smallpox eradiction campaign?


AIr Pollution Fatalities Now Exceed Traffic Fatalities
by Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts

Arrest of Journalists Threatens Press Freedom

Bush and the 'Pathology of Normalcy'
opinion by Donald R. Torrence, contributor

California Creates Family Leave Program
Similar legislation in WA has overwhelming public support
by Jamie Newman, contributor

Cotton: World's Most Toxic Crop
Dude, why're you wearing that shirt?
by Organic Consumers' Association

Polls Build Public Support for War
by Joel Hanson, contributor

Hormone Replacement Therapy in question

Iraq for Dummies
by Ruth Wilson

The Struggle Against Neo-Colonialism
Nigerian Activist Segun Aderemi Visits the US
by Jeff Moore, contributor

No New War Against Iraq
Two West Coast labor councils are resolved

Peru: Bayer Responsible in Pesticide Deaths
by CBGnetwork

Schools Implement Pesticide 'Right to Know' Act
by Erika Schreder, WA Toxics Coalition

September 11 Families Call for Peace
Statement by families who suffered losses in the September 11 attack

Starbucks vs Sambucks
Publicity spurs business for independent coffee shop
by Glenn Reed, contributor

Supreme Court limits death penalty

Sweatshop Fashion Statements Not Attractive

Tough Winter for Montana Buffalo
by Mike Mease, Buffalo Field Campaign Organizer

Universal Health Care Pursued by Initiative
Oregon Voters first to consider revolutionary ballot measure


Reader Mail

PCC Should Allow Free Newspapers

Northwest & Beyond

Illegal Strip Search of Juvenile Costs County $35,000


Washington Tribes Help Salmon

Good Ideas from Different Countries

Iran: Model for Family Planning

Global Warming Update

Protests at Johannesburg Earth Summit

Workplace Issues

The Real Lockout Story

Bob's Random Legal Advice

Are You Really in Good Hands with Allstate?

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