#53 September/October 2001
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Goodbye Glaciers Hello Wildfires

Richest Nations Urged to Create Green Taxes

‘Drill, Dig, Destroy and Pollute’
Enviros Blast Bush ‘Conservation’ Measures

Are You Kyoto Compliant?
Take the following quiz and see if you meet international standards for fighting global warming.

UN: Poor will Suffer the most
The poorest and least adaptable parts of the world will suffer most from climate change over the next 100 years, according to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

US Coastal Areas Most Threatened by Climate Change
by Cat Lazaroff

Europe Tests WTO on Caged Hen Rules

Gary Condit, Feminist Icon & Maria Cantwell, President?
by Mike Seely, contributor

Amnesty needed
Bush “Guest Worker” Program a Trojan Horse to Bust Labor
by David Bacon, contributor

Why People Hate Lawyers
fiction by John Merriam, contributor and attorney-at-law

Pesticide Potpourri

Mercury in your Mouth
“Silver” dental fillings are increasingly recognized as a health risk
by Christine Johnson

Widespread Toxic Exposure
The CDC says there are too many chemicals in our bodies
By Cat Lazaroff, Environment News Service

Bush: Empty Palabras?
opinion by Domenico Maceri, contributor

Periodical Praise
Nudie-phobes should stop badgering librarians
opinion by Jim Sullivan, contributor

Take Aim At Bad Ads
by Linda Formichelli, contributor

Democracy on a Rear Bumper
by Glenn Reed, contributor

Political Pix

Fast Food Not Fast Enough: Take Time Out for Dinner
opinion by Jim Matorin, contributor

Slow Food Catching on Fast

Is Bush shooting for the world execution record?
opinion by Sean Carter

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