#49 Jan/Feb 2001
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issue cover

US, Allies, Cool their commitments on Global Warming
by Renee Kjartan

Greens on the Rebound
by Joel Hanson

Kurds in the Way
book review: Well-Founded Fear
by Tom LeClair

by Doug Nufer

Reform the Electoral College
"Instanl runoff" voting would be a great alternative
opinion by Steven Hill


Special Report: Think your job is tough? Read on...

Activist musicians' union fights "Virtual Pit Orchestra"
by Sarah Luthens, WFP contributor

Junked Workers Give NAFTA its Final Test
by David Bacon, WFP contributor

Washington Court Upholds Right to Sue on Rest Break Violations
by Dmitri Iglitzin, WFP contributor

Working 16 Hours a Day for No Pay
Get-rich fishing ads become boat to nowhere
by John Merriam

Biotech Corn Recall Shows Frankenfoods Are a Menace
By Ronnie Cummins

A New bottom Line
Discussing spirit and politics with Rabbi dr. Michael Lerner
Interview by Doug Collins

Editor in Prison
Paul Wright talks about running a paper from behind bars and contemplates getting out in three years
Interview by Todd Matthews

Solidarity (and Films) Forever
a reviewers pick of union movies
by Emma Wunsch

Notice to Readers

The Free Press in this issue--and possibly in upcoming issues--has a page sponsored by the Green Party. While we welcome it's inclusion in the Free Press, we also need to point out that it is not in any way editorially related to the Free Press, and will include news and views from a Green Party perspective. On regular Free Press pages, we will still at times publish independent viewpoints on the Green Party and related issues.


Green Party

An Open Letter to the Progressive Community
Greens look to the future with renewed strength and no regrets

Reader Mail

"denying the power of Jesus"


News about the environment
by Renee Kjartan and Environment News Service

Media Beat

The P.U.-litzer Prizes
Paying tribute to last year's stinkiest media performances
by Norman Solomon

Nature Doc

Oil Companies, Baby Bush, and Other Cancers
Medical Opinion by John F. Ruhland, N.D.

Northwest Books

Produce into Art
Blues and Greens: a produce worker's journal
by Alan Chong Lau
by Kent Chadwick

Rad Videos

Part 9: Labor struggles
by John Ruhland

Reel Underground

Love and Other Perversions
by Jon Reinsch

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