#46 July/August 2000
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#46 July/August 2000
issue cover

Organic Farming Feeds A Nation
The history of the organic farming movement in Cuba
by Renee Kjartan

Chemical Farm News
Current fashions in pesticides and fertilizers

Frankenfood: More articles about the ever increasing trend towards genetic manipulation of our food supply

World Opposition to Frankenfoods Growing
by Ronnie Cummins, Free Press contributor

Cereal Maker Kellogg's is Expert at Baloney, Too

Coalition Files Petition Against Frankenfoods
By Renee Kjartan


The Progressive Candidates: This year it's time to look beyond the two parties of big business and find some alternatives.

Steinbrueck Sticks Neck Out for Nader
King County Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck endorses dark horse presidential canidate Ralph Nader
by Doug Collins

Green Joe versus Dem Jim
Why is Green Party member Joe Szwaya running against long-time liberal Democrat Jim McDermott?
by Doug Collins

Electoral Alternatives
The Green Party isn't the only independent party out there

Bribing for Testimony
Growing reliance on the snitch
opinion by John Gorrell, Free Press contributor

"The Enemy of Humanity"
Iraqi artist speaks out against both Saddam and sanctions
by Waffa Bilal

WTO: The Movie
Seattle filmmaker Shaya Mercer documents the Battle of Seattle
interview by Jon Reinsch

Six Ways to Free the Free Press
Help liberate progressive news from summer funding doldrums

Scientists' Global Forecast: Hotter and Drier
The National Weather Service has forecast a significant drought across much of the US this summer
by Cat Lazaroff, Environment News Service

Systemic Problems Revealed by Moth Spraying
There's a profit motive behind use of insecticides
opinion by Claude Ginsburg


Free Thoughts

Are the Rich Making Us Sick?
Scientific research shows that inequality leads to poor health
by Stephen Bezruchka, Free Press contributor

Reader Mail

"Please send me a subscription of your lovely paper"


Shrimp Farms Destroy Coastlines
by Renee Kjartan

Urban Work

Aol Protects Kids from Democrats
by Ross Rieder

Media Beat

Bad Ralph! Bad Ralph!
Nader raises hackles of media establishment by Norman Solomon

Reel Underground

Weaving a Cinematic Thread
If you didn't catch these foreign films at SIFF, catch them later
by Jon Reinsch

Spike The Rabid Media Watch Dog

Is "Project Censored" Censored?
The Media and its critics ignore workers and communities of color
by David Bacon

also: Top Ten Censored Stories of 1999

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