#44 Mar/Apr 2000
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Tax Pollution, Not Income
The new millennium needs a new tax strategy
by Alan Thein Durning

Taking Its Toll
The hidden costs of sprawl in Washington State
by Patrick Mazza and Eben Fodor Free Press contributors


Washington Ceasefire
Embracing the moment in the movement to end gun violence
by Bruce Gryniewski

The secret to great wealth revealed! It's about time, huh?
by Bill Comiskey

Matzah Movies
Picks from the Seattle Jewish Film Festival
by Emma L. Wunsch

Music Mission To Cuba
The Seatle Peace Chorus travels to Cuba
by Howard Gutknecht

Save Pacifica
More news about the ongoing strike at Pacifica

Prison Suit Progress
Washington prisoners win the right to read; companies challenge prison labor
by Doug Collins

Report from Republican Street
McCain's message is more farsighted than the Dem's
by Doug Collins

Toxic Cleaners Begone!
Healthy cleaning tips for home and planet
book review by Renee Kjartan:
Better Basics for the Home: Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living


First Word

Mental Health System Needs Analysis
by Jennifer Zito

Free Thoughts

Sweaty Pigs Love Being Showered
by Mike Seely

Reader Mail

Every town and county has a few folks that simply won't or can't buckle down and tend the cows...


Reclaiming our food supply
by Renee Kjartan

Media Beat

Radio's Leading Anti-Gay Zealot
by Norman Solomon

Reel Underground

Tenderness or Terror?
by Jon Reinsch

Northwest Books

The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism
by David C. Korten

by Kent Chadwick

Nature doc

Health Effects of WTO Gas Linger
by John F. Ruhland, N.D.

Rad Videos

Part 7: Environmentalism and Science under Capitalism
by John Ruhland

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