#41 Sept/Oct 1999
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Disposable People
book review:
Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy
By Kevin Bales
University of California Press

Review by Silja J.A. Talvi, Free Press Contributor

Free Trade Endangers the Rule of Law on the Border
By David Bacon, Free Press Contributor

Eyeing East Timor
Election observers tell of linguistic intrigue and the strain of maintaining neutrality.
by Doug Collins, The FreePress


Speaking in Tongues
Toys in Babeland hosts a work shop on how to master the delicate art of oral sex!
by Richard Howard, Free Press Contributor

"No One Knows Where This Will Lead" part 3
The Seattle General Strike in Historical Context
by Dr. John Ruhland, Free Press Contributor

The Soul of a City
Book Review:
Clark Humphrey and Samuel R. Delany survey their respective urban landscapes, among other things

by Doug Nufer, The Free Press

Rainbows and Triangles and Films, Oh My
Why did it take so long for Seattle to host a gay and lesbian film festival?
by Emma Wunsch, Free Press Contributor

Recovering Community Radio At Pacifica
by David Bacon, Free Press Contributor

Medical Mayhem in Washington Prisons
Inmates suffer from substandard medical care in Washington prisons.
by Tara Herivel, Free Press Contributor

What Do Taking The Bus, Going Veggie, And Eating Organic, Have In Common?
The Union of Concerned Scientists give recommendations for greener living
by Renee Kjartan, Free Press Contributor

Name Game
Taxpayer Stadium is "Safeco Field"; Paid advertising endorsement is "charity work"
by Mark A. Becker, Free Press Contributor


First Word

A Nation Divided: Cooper and Cockburn debate the fate of Pacifica, reveal the state of the nation
by Doug Nufer, The Free Press

Free Thoughts

Stranger, Then Friction
by Paul Axelrod, Free Press Contributor

Reader Mail

Listen to a spontaneous rapper banging out meter and rhyme in real time...


Arrivederci, Venice?
by Renee Kjartan

Media Beat

Think Of All We'd Miss Without Commercials
by Norman Solomon

Reel Underground

God Didn't Give Me Children
by Jon Reinsch

Nature Doc

Natural alternatives to "the pill"
Medical Opinion by John F. Ruhland, N.D.

Rad Videos

Part 5: Lifestyles of the Bourgeoisie
by John Ruhland

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