Winners and Losers in the Brave New Economy

The American economy grows and prospers, yet fewer of its benefits are trickling down to the workers who power it. After a decade and a half of a politics which blamed the decline of living standards on the country's most downtrodden members and on government, analysts are finally looking more clearly at the real causes of the demise of the "American dream." Our four authors explore some of the dimensions of what has recently been termed the "winner take all economy." Mark Gardner analyzes the reasons why many of the rewards of the American economy now flow upwards. Mark Worth shows that NAFTA has some positive effects for Washington, but also that its benefits program serves to mask other causes of job loss in the state. Rebecca Adrian and Lauren Tozzi document how the new economy is being built on the backs of underpaid and under-benefited child care workers.

April - May 1996

Attack of the Overclass

Funny Business

Campaigning for Fair Child-care Salaries

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