#59 September/October 2002
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Toward a Toxic-Free Future
compiled by Brandie Smith, Washington Toxics Coalition

Angry Clients Picket Spokane Lawyer
opinion by Communities Against Unethical Attorneys

Democracy, Plutocracy, or Hypocrisy?
Books on American government
list compiled by Roger Herbst

Global Warming Update
By Jim Lobe


Groups Say Vote 'No' on R-51

Learning More About Edward Abbey
Two biographies about "Cactus Ed"
commentary and book review by Bruce Pavlik

Military and Environment

Disobeying Orders
The military is deserting its environmental responsibilities
opinion by David S. Mann and Glen Milner

My Radical Parents
And am I sometimes too radical myself?
opinion by Doug Collins

Clergy, Concerned Citizens Challenge US Embargo of Cuba

Nader in Havana
US should let Cubans breathe
By Tom Warner, Secretary of Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee

Adieu to French?
French--and Americans--should learn from the Swiss
By Domenico Maceri

Open Letter on Iraq
from the Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia

Scientists Alarmed at New Disease Epidemics
by Cat Lazaroff, ENS

opinion by Glenn Reed

Redistricting Makes Losers of Us All
By Steven Hill and Rob Richie

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