#48 Nov/Dec 2000
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issue cover

Greens Win!!
Nader stuns nation with landslide victory
by Sean Carman, special to the Free Press

Purging persistent Pollution
The Washington state Department of Ecology's proposed elimination of 27 PBTs in Washington state
by Renee Kjartan

Free Press Special Report: Spirited Progressivism Versus Religion Gone Wrong

A Spiritual Base for Progressives
book review:
Spirit Matters
by Michael Lerner
Hampton Road Books

by Paul Lehto

Prophets Versus Profits
Why chrisianity has more in common with Marxism than Capitalism
Dr. John Ruhland

+ irreverent comics by Matt wuerker, Dick Lande, Ken Larson, and John Ambrosavage

Earth's Big Challenge
How to solve population growth
by Peter H. Kostmayer


Animal Rights and the Left
A look at progressives and the animal rights movement
by Seven Dunsmore

Congress Saves Central Cascade Forest
$8.6 Million protects 4,700 acres of critical forest habitat
by Sean Carman

Layoffs: One Click Away
Amazon.com ships customer service jobs to India
by the staff of WashTech News

Local Green Makes Serious Progress
Candidate Joe Szwaja
interview by Joel Hanson

Out of Step
Abuse and harassment by school military recruiters is rampant
by Michael Dedrick

Casualties of the Drug War

Ready, Aim, Imprison
New report on the drug war highlights disproportionate incarceration of black men
by Silja J.A. Talvi

Grassroots and Gorton
Victory Against the War on Drugs
by Fred Miller

Rejected by the SPD
Why I'm not worthy of volunteer work
by Julia Eaton

Refreshing Darkness
Dancer in the Dark
Lars von Trier and DOGME 95

film review by Emma Wunsch

Sweeney Supports UW Teaching Assistants
Strong solidarity among student workers
by Renee Barton

Will US Clean Hanford Nuke Waste Or Make More?
Nuclear entrepreneurs and politicians want to resurrect an experimental reactor at Hanford
by Pat Lavelle


Reader Mail

The "Road to Mandalay" tour offers the equivalent of a holiday in a war zone...


Environmental news
by Renee Kjartan

Urban Work

Labor news
by Ross Rieder

Media Beat

Our Debts to New Media Technology
by Norman Solomon

Reel Underground

Blowin' in the Wind
by Jon Reinsch

Rad Videos

Part 9: Religion
by John Ruhland

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