#45 May/June 2000
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issue cover

A Streetcar Named Seattle
The history of Puget Sounds original light rail
by Ruth Wilson


Soul of a Citizen
Getting involved: an interview with writer Paul Rogat Loeb
by Silja J.A. Talvi

Let someone Else Drive a Smaller Car
Ever wonder why so many people drive those big, dumb S.U.Vs? This survey may be able to help
by Kelly Davis

Patterns of Misbehavior
Army recruiters accused of sexual harrassment of female recruits
by Glen Milner

Potato Guns Not Punishment
Pro Sports Crime Wave Gets a Welcome Reprieve from the White House
by Mike Seely

Paving the Road to Ruin
Initiative 711 is a barrier to smooth transit
by Kevin Doran

Asphalt Nation
How the Automobile took Over America and How We Can Take it Back
book review by Robert Pavlik

Parking Scofflaw
More regressive Seattle laws
by Mark Gardner

Sewer Plan Stinks
Thurston County developers' proposals are a blueprint for illegal sprawl
by representatives of the Cooper Point Alliance

The Price of Oil
Iraq oil embargo serves the interests of both US business and Saddam Hussein
by Ruth Wilson

Compact Car Stories
Miscellaneous tidbits about cars

Swinging and Pimping
A new way to keep up with the Joneses
film reviews of The Lifestyle and American Pimp
by Emma Wunsch


First Word

Cars Can Make You Run Out of Gas
by Pat Thomas

Free Thoughts

Just another cool lifestyle paper?
by Doug Collins

Reader Mail

"Go ahead and tax 'em!"


Fish & Wildlife Service "Hard on Wolves"
by Renee Kjartan

Urban Work

UW Grad Students Join Auto Workers
by Ross Rieder

Media Beat

When Corporate Media Cover "Independent Media"
by Norman Solomon

Rad Videos

Part 8: Cuba
by John Ruhland

Reel Underground

A review of Michael Almereyda's new film Hamlet
by Jon Reinsch

Northwest Books

Are poets on the road or on the bus today?
reviews of: Life Of The Bones To Come, Pacific Northwestern Spiritual Poetry, and Ragged Lion: A Tribute to Jack Micheline
by Kent Chadwick

Nature Doc

If You Ate It, Rotate It!
Medical Opinion by John F. Ruhland, N.D.

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